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Last site update: May 4, 2003

At long last, an update. Added two new filks, and updated links to Still have a lot of stuff backlogged that I need to get to, but soon, I promise.

Previously on the Buffista filk site: Fixed some links, added the Author Index.


Buffistas, if you want to have your filk posted here, please email it to as a .txt file when you post it to the board, and identify the filk and its source in the subject line. If you don't email it, it won't get posted. The board is not threaded, and moves too fast to keep up with it.

Filk written by people who are not Buffistas, and did not post it in one of the Buffista forums will not be archived.

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DXMachina, to whom submissions should be sent.

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Anya G.

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Jengod, Betsy Hanes Perry, Dana D. Thanks guys!


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