Unca Tim Tells a Story
(After the The Princess Bride )

by Jessica

AUDIENCE: Wait a minute, wait a minute -- what does that mean, "Wesley's dead." You can't mean dead, dead? I mean, Wesley's only faking, right?

TIM: Do you want me to keep going?

AUDIENCE: Who kills Sahjhan?

TIM: I don't understand.

AUDIENCE: Who kills Sahjhan? Somebody's gotta do it -- is it Gunn, who?

TIM: Nobody kills him. He's immortal.

AUDIENCE: What? Jesus, Tim, what'd you show us this for?

TIM: You know what, you look pretty tired. Maybe we should just go on hiatus for five weeks...

AUDIENCE: No! No, it's okay! You can hurt us a little more...if you want...

Originally posted in Angel 7: His hair goes straight up and he's bloody stupid (#8), WX, March 4, 2002.