The Winter Of Angel's Discontent

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by Dana D.

Now is the winter of my discontent
Made glorious summer by this prophecy;
And all the gloom that weighed upon my soul
Is lifted in the hope of a reward.
Now are our numbers increased, thanks to Gunn;
Our office relocated, due to a bomb;
Our Irishman replaced by pithy Brit;
Our quest made new, our goals more clear in sight.
Grim-visag’d Gunn does work for occasional pay,
And now,—instead of Doyle's lilting words,
To send me on my missions of mercy,
Cordelia is the conduit through which
the visions of those in need appeareth here.
For I, being most curs'd by Gypsy spell,
Must fear a drop of perfect happiness.
I, that was Angelus, scourge to all,
Did feed upon a favored Gypsy girl
I did awaken with a conscience true,
And was ashamed of my bloody past.
I swore to all the varied powers that be
That ne'er again would I on humans feed.

For in Season Two, with Buffy, I made love,
And reverted to a soulless evil beast
I tried to cast this fair world into Hell,
And forced my love to foil my evil plan.
She bade me close my eyes, then ran me through.
I was returned to this world, soul intact.

And therefore, since I cannot prove a lover,
(I dare not risk to lose my soul once more)
To reach the promise of my destiny
I am determined to prove a hero,
And save the innocent folk of this town.
Plots have I foiled, prevented sacrifice
By slimy demons, lawyers, and fiends,
And set my version of the Scooby Gang
In opposition to the darkest forces.

And if the pow'rs that be are true and just
As I am broody, noble, and heavy-browed,
One day should Angel richly be rewarded,
With fulfillment of a prophecy,
Which says, that I, the vampire with a soul
Will step into the sunlit day once more.

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