Don Marquis: archie the cockroach

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by Betsy Hanes Perry

well boss just when i think
ive got a handle on
life in the insect world
some joker slips a knuckleball past me
i was working my way
back to the keyboard
thanks for the sandwich crumb
when another cockroach tried to
sink a mandible into me
what is this i said
some sort of cannibal conspiracy
no he said
i am a vampire cockroach

it seems he was minding his own business
at a low-class academy for the unstable
when some gink named renfield got to him
now he has to live
by sucking the juices from
other cockroaches
he is very bitter about it
i always liked soft foods
he says and now its
crunches wherever i go
if i ever get my
mandibles into
this stoker guy
it will be fangs for him


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