Dark Secrets of the Alphabet, Part 2: The Buffista-bet

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by Scrappy

A is for Angel, the cause of this thread
B is for Beth B., we dig all she's said.
C is for Connie, a poster quite smart,
D for Davids, hard to tell apart.
E is for Emily , and Elena as well
F is for Fater, who thinks music?s swell.
G is for Gudanov, a well-known couch diver
H is for Hil R., A big flood survivor.
I is for Ita, so wise and serene,
J is for Joanna, Jengod and for Jean
K is for Kivrin, we all love her name
L is for Liese, who posts without shame.
M is for Meara, Madrigal and Msbelle,
N is for Noumenon, NOT for Mark Hell,
O is for Our Doctor, known as Tepper, Michele
P is for Perry, Betsy Hanes, who is swell
Q is for quiet, which the thread never is
R is for Rio last name, Hernandez.
S is for Sara and Steph, whom we all like
T is for Trudy, a true lover of Spike
U is for Undead, like Angel and Dru,
V is for Very, which is how cool are you
W is for Whedon, Cause of him, here we be
X is for XMachina (minus the D)
Y is for You, if I forgot it?s a shame
Z is for Zie, the end of Alison's name.

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