Dark Secrets of the Alphabet, Part 2: The EvilDoers Alphabet; oh, like you didn't see it coming?

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by meara, with contributions from assorted Buffistas

A is for Adam, partly boy scout
B is for Ben, who'll grimace and pout.
C is for Chosen turned quickly to dust
D is for Darla and Dru, vampy sluts
E is for Ethan, whom Giles does despise.
F is for fear demon, actual size.
G is for Glory, the goddess of shoes
H is for Harmony, lacking for clues.
I is for Indians slaughtered en masse
J is for Judge who died in a blast
K is for Kathy, roommates are rough
L is for lawyers, wanna be tough.
M is for Master, trapped underground
N is the Nurse watching Faith coma-bound
O is for Other, Buffy does double duty
P is for Principal, Synder not Flutie
Q is for Queller, outerspace roach,
R is for Riley, drama needing a coach
S is for Spike, enough evil to lend
T is for Ted, Joyce's robot boyfriend
U is for Underworld, so please don't linger
V is Veruca, were-swivel-bitch singer
W is for Willow, vampy and gay
X is PackXander, can we roll in the hay?
Y is for Yeska, with virgins she's hired,
Z is for Zombies, some assembly required.

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