Angel Limericks

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There once was a psychic from Dorset
Who was bitten while wearing a corset
though William the Bloody
is no fuddy-duddy
With Angel, Dru won't have to force it.

There once was a rich guy named Nabbitt,
Sleeping with demons, his habit,
Cordy thinks he's a nerd,
Wesley lets him be heard,
How long will it be 'til they've had it?

Young Faith, a rogue slayer demented
her skinny Brit Watcher resented
she tied him to a chair
aimed some flame at his hair
and a new B&D game invented

There once was a diva named Cor,
Her big boobs thought the Scoobs were a bore,
But then she got visions,
And found some religion,
And now we all clamor for more.

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