Bronte Buffy

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by Jengod.

Jane EyreBuffy Summers
Buffy visits her glowermuffin in Los Angeles after a long separation. He is a burned-up wreck, perhaps recently fried by an errant sunbeam. She mends his wounds, and climbs into his lap. To entertain and tease him out of his funk, she tells of her life in Sunnydale since his departure, including her relationship with Mr. Riley Finn of Huxley, Iowa...

"Perhaps you would rather not sit any longer on my lap, Miss Summers?" was the next somewhat unexpected observation.
"Why not, sir?"
"The picture you have just drawn is rather suggestive of a rather too overwhelming contrast. Your words have delineated very prettily a graceful Apollo: he is present to your imagination, – tall, fair, hazel-eyed, and with a Grecian profile. Your eyes dwell on a Vulcan,– a real blacksmith, brown, broad-shouldered, and grouchy and bloodthirsty into the bargain."
"I never thought of it, before; but you certainly are rather like a Vulcan, sir. You have a similar low brow and disapproving glower. Of course, you lack the pointy ears. Pointy teeth, yes. "
"Well, – you can leave me, ma'am: but before you go" (and he retained me by a firmer grasp than ever), "you will be pleased to answer me a question or two." He paused.
"What questions, sir?"
Then followed this cross-examination.
"Riley Finn declared his affection for you before he knew you were the Slayer."
"And he resigned his commission to join you in battle against his own soldiers and the force of darkness."
"And he loves you."
"Miss Summers, I repeat it, you can leave me. How often am I to say the same thing? Why do you remain pertinaciously perched in my lap, when I have give you notice to quit?"
"Because I am comfortable here."
"Buffy, I ever like your tone of voice: it still renews hope, it sounds so truthful. When I hear it, it carries me back. I forget that have deserted you, that... But I am not a fool,– go –"
"Where must I go, sir?"
"Your own way – with the mate you have chosen."
"Who is that?"
"You know – this Mr. Finn."
"He is not my mate, nor ever will be. He loves me, but I do not love him. He wanted to marry me only because in the place from whence he comes, that is what one does to women one has violated. He is good and great, but boring; and, for me, as stiff as a board. He is not like you, sir: I am not happy at his side, nor relaxed when he lurks near by – he disrupts my slaying, and ruins my appetite for the kill. I must leave you, sir, to go to him?"
I shuddered involuntarily, and clung instinctively closer to my dangerous but beloved master. He smiled.
"What, Miss Summers. Is it true? Is such really the state of matters between you and Finn?"
"Absolutely, sir. Oh, you need not be jealous! I wanted to tease you a little to make you less broody: I thought anger would be better than angst. But if you wish me to love you, could you but see how much I do love you, you would be proud and content. All my heart is yours, sir: it belongs to you: and with you it would remain, were fate to exile the rest of me from your presence for ever..."

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