We Fans Are Like That

This is a collection of Buffy-based folklore. It was written by Buffistas, habitueés of the Buffy and Angel threads at The Phoenix message boards. Also known as filk, this mutant strain of writing creates parodies of the two shows by mixing them with other well-known fictions.

The Buffistas hold nothing sacred, and have torn through many a genre, leaving cubicle mayhem in their wake. The filk list is below.

The world asks many questions of us, such as "What the hell does 'foamy' mean?" and "You are a cult, aren't you?". The answers to such questions may be found in our FAQ, and an assortment of Buffista recommended links is here.

Please note that we mean no harm or copyright infringement. We garner no profit from writing filk, and sometimes are sad about it.

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Last site update: May 4, 2003.

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New Additions

new!  The Feelings Between Us    (Spoilers)

new!  La Isla Buffista

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Agent Riley Finn, from The Music Man

Angel in Falsettoland, from Falsettoland

At the Ballet, from A Chorus Line

Being Undead, from Company

Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered, from Pal Joey

Born to Slay, from Caberet

Buffy Tonight, from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Buffy was Brought Back, from Gypsy

Can You See the Slayer Slay, from Les Miserables

Chess, Revisited, from Chess

Denial, from Annie

Don't Cry for Me, Sunnydale, from Evita

Everybody Ought to Have a Vamp, from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Everybody's Got a Right to Be Undead, from Assassins

Every Night a Little Death, from A Little Night Music

Grow for Me, from Little Shop of Horrors

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Drusilla, from The Sound of Music

I Am the Very Model of a Modern Evil Scientist, from The Pirates of Penzance

I am the Very Model of a Modern Obsessed Buffy Fan, from The Pirates of Penzance

I Cain't Say No, from Oklahoma!

I Feel Vampy, from West Side Story

Innocence and I Will Remember You Revisited, or Why Angel Always Leaves Before Buffy Wakes Up, from Company

Into the Woods, from Into the Woods

I've Got a Theory, from Once More with Feeling

I've Got a Theory - Angel, Season 3, from Once More with Feeling

The Lady is a Vamp (Darla’s Song), from Babes in Arms

Let's Go Slay A Vamp

Losing Her Mind, from Follies

Maria, er. Drusilla, from West Side Story

Not Alone, from Rent

Not Turning Evil, from Company

Oh, What a Beautiful Slayer, from Oklahoma!

On the Street Where You Live, from My Fair Lady

One, from A Chorus Line

Our Favorite Things, from The Sound of Music

A Season On The Hellmouth, from A Little Night Music

Someone Else's Story, as Angel Sees It, from Chess

Spike, Be a Puppy, from Guys and Dolls

Tim Knows, from West Side Story

Vamped Boys, from Hair

Watcher Wesley, from West Side Story

We've Got a Little List, from The Mikado

A Wonderful Guy, from South Pacific

Wouldn't it be Lovely, from My Fair Lady

The Year of the Wedding, from Falsettoland

You're a Vampire Now, from A Chorus Line

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Angel In C++

Riley In C++

Willow In C++

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All Tied Up in a Cage




Angelus Rex

Battle Hymn of the Buffistas

The Big Angst Train

Biological Time Bomb

Buffy McGee



Don’t Go Jumping the Shark

Don’t Go Staking My Heart

Doublemeat Palace

End of the Season

Faith in Prison Blues

new!  The Feelings Between Us    (Spoilers)

Fire & Pain

Fixing the Book

Hotel Schmuck Bait Arms

How Do You Like Me Now    (Spoilers)

I'm My Own Grandpa (Er, Great-Grandsire)

I Saw Buffy Kissing Spike Last Night

It's the Buffy Show

new!  La Isla Buffista

Lindsey's Lament (This Hand is Your Hand)

The (Mis)Appropriation of Bob Dylan - Part 1

The (Mis)Appropriation of Bob Dylan - Part 2

Muppets theme song, rephrased

Oh Baby Baby, How Was I Supposed To Know

Oops, I Did It Again

And Oops I Did It Again II

The Scooby Bunch

The Season 6 Song (Buffy Don’t Be Late)

The Shaft Theme Song

Slayer Bloody Slayer, or U2, Huh?

The Slaying Queen

Spoiler Kumbayah

Sunnydale High School

Theme from Spike (Shaft)

Those Were The Days - Season 1

Those Were The Slays


The Vampire

Vampire Slayer / Buffy Can You Hear Me?

What Would Buffy the Slayer Do?

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

Where Have all the Vampires Gone?

Wild Supposition if Cordelia Was a Slut (Simon & Garfunkel's Cecelia)

Your Famous Black Duster

You're So Bland!

You Oughtta Know Or Darla Does Alanis

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Angel Haiku

Buffy Haiku

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Angel Limericks

Buffy Limericks

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Literary Works, No Longer Quite The Same

Angel Copperfield

Angelneas, or Virgil Does Vampires

A. Karenin

Bronte Buffy

Dean "Angel" Moriarty (On The Road)


Gone With The Wind

Huckleberry Angel

John Le Carre, remodeled

Kafka: Metamorphosis

KidLit 1: Where The Wild Things Are

KidLit 2: Goodnight, Moon

KidLit 3: But No Vampires!

Lestat Undone

Melville Remodeled

Melville Remodeled 2

Neuromancer : What IS The Matrix?

P. G. Wodehouse's The Code of The Vampire

Pride And Prejudice 1

Pride And Prejudice 2

Proustean Spike


Raymond Chandler Writes the WB Blurb for Angel


The Great Gatsby

The Raven

The Tell-Tale Carotid Artery

The Vobbit (J.R.R.Tolkien)

To Kill A Mockingbird

Ye Olde Chaucer

Slouching Towards Bethlehem Sunnydale

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Film & Theater


David Mamet's Sexual Perversity in Sunnydale


Skinhead Buffy, based on Skinhead Hamlet based on Hamlet

The Skinhead Buffy, Part 2

Unca Tim Tells a Story

The Winter Of Angel's Discontent (Richard III)

A Woman Of No Importance: the edited Oscar Wilde

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Poems, Original and Otherwise

A Song of Wandering Buffy (W.B.Yeats)

Darla Bites Angel (R. Browning)

The Dark Secrets of the Alphabet: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Dolores, er, Drusilla (Algernon Charles Swinburne)

Don Marquis: archie the cockroach

Drusilla the Maid (Annabel Lee by E.A.Poe)


Emily Dickinson's Wild Nights

Lewis Carroll 1: slightly used

Lewis Carroll 2: Vampyrwocky

On Supposing Tara's Evil (Coleridge's Christabel)

Riley Finn, formerly Gunga Din (R. Kipling)

Spike's Ashes

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening, formerly by Robert Frost

The Vampire's Lament

Lament for the Buffistas quhen they fearéd angst

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Sometimes fans ask themselves, "Is this a cult"? Our answers lean towards "Yes!", but we don't care.

The Spoiler Prayer

The Buffistas' Creed

The VCR Prayer

In the Beginning

Parts of Matthew, Chapter 16

The Gospel According to Joss

A Cautionary Tale

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Adam Release Notes

Betsy Tribute: Filker Extraordinaire

Betsy Tribute 2: Everybody Loves Betsy

Gillgan's Isle Buffy Town

Joss, Back in the Day

"And now, an Olympic Moment with Buffy Summers"

Spike and Willow have a Chat

Spike's Wake

Unca Tim's Woodshed

Willow's Cheer

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Short pieces, usually works in progress

Every Day's a Bondage Day (unfinished)

What's Your Name?

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