Adam Release Notes

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by Betsy Hanes Perry

Release Notes
Adam 0.79 pre-beta
February 2000


Your feedback matters to us!  Please contact us via the provided secure earphone if you have any suggestions for enhancements or revisions.


This pre-beta release has the following known issues; unless otherwise noted, all should be corrected by the final version.

* Disk drive

The provided disk drive does not have an Eject button.  Fortunately, internal storage is sufficient for most applications; however, we recommend that you back up any media you plan on inserting into Adam, as we cannot guarantee their return.

* Conscience

The conscience module has been disabled at this release; we recommend that you test only scenarios that do not require this feature.  In particular, avoid confronting Adam with ethical dilemmas.


* Spike

This release of Adam has the optional Polgara spike enabled; this supports marshmallow roasting, punch-needle embroidery, and other frequently-requested product extensions.


As with any pre-release product, be sure to back up all essential personnel before operating, and do not use in mission-critical or life-critical situations.

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