Everybody Loves Betsy (a filk of Everybody Loves Louis from Sondheim's Sunday in the Park With George)

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by Dana D.

Everybody loves Betsy
Betsy's witty and bright
Everybody loves Betsy
Betsy's fabulous.
Everybody should envy
Betsy's talent to write
Her legions of followers
are certainly quite a sight

Betsy's really an artist
Lurkers fall at her feet
Betsy's quips are the smartest
Betsy's marvelous
Everybody loves Betsy
Betsy posts from the heart

The filk, gang.
I mean the filk, gang.
And she sews silk, gang
I mean with stiches
We are her bitches
We've found our niches

Everybody loves Betsy
Taglines spring from her posts.
Everybody loves Betsy.
Me included, gang.
Not afraid to be funny,
Betsy says what she thinks.
Everybody gets along with her.
She's fantastic--nothing's wrong with her.
Betsy has to post her way.
We stand by, so impressed...
Betsy's the best!

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