Joss, Back in the Day

by David J. Schwartz

Joss? Yeah, we used to hang by the Gas 'N Sip, back in the day. Even back then he was writing. We used to do readings for him, humor him, ya know? Teddy always played the girl parts, 'cause he had the high voice. I 'member this one Jeffersons spec he wrote, where Helen left Tom for this really tall guy with horns on his head. I guess, in retrospect, it was a Fyarl demon. Anyway, the whole episode was a meditation on the nature of love transcending language and race, since the Fyarl demon didn't speak a word of English and Helen only knew a few phrases she'd picked up from a Berlitz tape. We argued about it a lot -- Cho felt that the fact that Helen and Tom's marriage was interracial complicated the message unnecessarily. After a while Joss gave up on us and started hanging at Popeye's. He sent me a copy of his "Simon and Simon in the Demon Dimension" script, but after I pointed out that the homoerotic element he was so proud of was nothing new, we sort of lost touch.

Originally posted in Buffista Bureaucracy (#1293), WX, October 15, 2001.