"And now, an Olympic Moment with Buffy Summers"

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by Betsy Hanes Perry

Soft-focus shot of Buffy. "Ford was always my best friend in LA, you know? "

Faded snapshot of two kids being adorable and blond. "We used to practice somersaults in the back yard -- but Ford always called them Summers-salts!"

Fade to shot of "Welcome To Sunnydale... Please Don't Drive Over This Sign".

"And then I moved away, and I thought I'd never see Ford again. But my junior year, Ford moved to Sunnydale, and I was so excited to see him again."

Fade to sepia-toned photograph of Ford from yearbook.

"What I didn't know was Ford's terrible secret -- an inoperable brain tumor. Right before he died from a tragic barbecue-fork accident, Ford made me promise to keep my eyes focused on our dream." Stern shot of Buffy working out, with an odd bulge at the waist of her leotard. "So I am dedicating whatever success I may achieve in Sydney to the memory of my friend, Billy "Ford" Fordham."

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