Spike and Willow have a Chat
(An additional scene for the "Wrecked" episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer )

by Miracleman

[Ext. Alleyway Night: The smoking car wreck is in the background. As Spike and Buffy lead Dawn away, Willow lies on the dirty concrete, tears streaming down her face, heart broken.]

WILLOW [screaming, wailing]
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!

[Spike, Buffy and Dawn pause.]

[Angle On Spike]

Take the Little Bit on to the doc. I'll be along shortly.

[Buffy looks searchingly into his eyes. They are blank, shuttered. His eyes tell her nothing. She nods and helps Dawn off.]

[Spike saunters over to Willow. She is curled into a fetal position, sobbing. Spike reaches down a hand.]

SPIKE [gently]
Get up.

[Willow uncurls and takes his hand. He helps her to her feet and she leans against him, still sobbing.]

Oh, God…I'm so sorry…

[Spike gently pushes her back to arm's length. He straightens her lapels, smoothes her hair back from her head.]

Spike, you know that I'm-

[Spike backhands her viciously. As she flies to the side to slam against the abutment, he clutches his head, crying out. He shakes it off and advances, stalking, to where she lays.]


[Snarling, Spike lifts her off the ground and punches her again. He screams in pain, but keeps hold of her with one hand. Shaking his head, he smacks her again. Willow is scared, confused, crying. Shaking off the latest microburst migraine, Spike vamps out and holds her a foot off the ground.]


SPIKE [voice calm, cold, but a tad shaky]
Shut up. This is a taste, witch. You harm the Little Bit again... you even show up late if you're supposed to watch over her... ANYTHING goes wrong, and you're involved... the chip will. Not. Stop me. I will find you, I will kill you…and I will make it hurt. Are we clear?

WILLOW [shaken, defeated. Perhaps she even feels she deserves this.]

[Spike lowers her to the ground.]

Good. Keep that in mind, pet.

[He releases her, brushes dust off her shoulder. His face returns to normal.]

And get your crap together.

[Spike leaves. Willow slides down the abutment, tears streaming down her face anew.]

Author's Quote

I wanted some bitch slappiness for the Willster at the end. I mean...taking Dawn to a magical crack house? Demon summoning? CAR WRECK?!?!

I couldn't deal. So, if you'll all excuse the impertinence of it, I wrote the scene I wanted to see, and present it for you now...

There. I feel a bit better now.

Thanks for your patience.

Originally posted in Buffy 9: Once More, With Braiiiiiiiins (#5186), WX, November 28, 2001.