Every Night A Little Death, or Fool For Love Revisited
(from A Little Night Music by Sondheim)

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by Betsy Hanes Perry

[BUFFY stands outside SPIKE's crypt, dejected and moving very cautiously.
You can tell it's been a brutal night.]

BUFFY: Every night a little death,
      In the school and in the street
      In my evenings and my dawns
      And in my every small defeat.
      Every night a little shame,
      Every night a new deceit.
      Never time to pause for breath
      And I know that I'm to blame
      For each supernatural death.

[SPIKE appears at the door, cigarette in hand, and leans against the right

SPIKE: You are whining, Slayer pet,
      And it's tedious.

BUFFY: Leave my sight now, Spike,
      I don't have time for you.  [Waves him off, then winces.]

SPIKE [delighted]: What's the problem, Slayer sweet,
      Met a foe you can't defeat?
      Well, score one big goal for our side!
      Evil rules!

[She stares at him in loathing, then is struck by a thought.]

BUFFY: You say you've killed Slayers twice,
      What's your secret, then?
SPIKE [shrugs]: Just a spot of dancing,
     Then I thrust them through. [pelvic gesture]

BUFFY: You're disgusting, that's obscene.
SPIKE [disdainful]: Don't be daft, it's bloody keen.
     [advances, holds a hand out] Oh, come on, you know you love it!
BUFFY [recoils]: That's not true!

[They look past each other, out into the audience, each in a private world.
At the beginning of the verse, Buffy is agonized, Spike chipper; they slowly
converge, both physically and in mood.]

BUFFY: Every night a little death  
SPIKE: Every night a little death      
BUFFY: In the school and in the street.        
SPIKE: In the mouth they're all the same.      
BUFFY: In my evenings and my dawns          
      And in my dreams and in my soul...    
SPIKE: In the ultimate heartbeat              
      In the playing of the game...            
BUFFY [ignoring him] Every night a little loss  
     Every night a little shame.            
SPIKE: And that final struggle's sweet..        
BUFFY: And I know that I'm to blame.          
SPIKE: And the agonized last breath...  

BOTH [serious]: Wond'ring if you'll win the toss        
     Or you'll finally lose to Death...

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