Chess, revisited

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by Madrigal Costello

Setting: Angel's house during the attempted intervention on Faith.  Faith is chained to the wall wearing leather.  Buffy, clad in the red leather pants of moral ambiguity and the stern ponytail of righteousness is leaning over Faith.  Angel is off being skulky in a corner, while Willow and Xander intimidatedly stay close to a far wall.

You wanna lose your only real friend?
Well, keep it up, you're doing fine
Why these chains and handcuffs?
Why treat me like a skuzz?
I've taken shit for seven months
And I won't take it anymore

I'm only trying to help you
With tough love and strong restraints
You'd be better fighting vamps instead of me

This ain't 5 by 5, you bitch

Is this the girl who always said
She loves to be a slayer?

This ain't 5 by 5, you bitch

(During the next sequence Xander and Willow sing "1999 - Sunnydale is rising/fighting/burning/dying" as a background to Buffy's lines.)

I'd have thought you'd support
Any attack on these demons
On the vampires who crushed
All of your hopes for a childhood
Don't let him fool you
For 100 years on he's the same
He sees the school as a meal
Devouring students like Larry
If you go back to him
They will have one the first battle
Wouldn't your Watcher
Have told you to stay on our side?

She would- but she didn't know you
She'd hate what your doing and so do I -
Why'd you fuckin' do this to me?

(to herself)
What's going on around me
Has never made much sense
I just slay and steal and dance
That other bitchy slayer
She only makes me tense
Maybe I'll kill her if I get the chance
Evil's fun in leather pants
Maybe I'm on nobody's side

(breaks out of each chain on crescendos)
And when he gives me reasons
To justify each kill
They're getting harder to believe
I know this can't continue
Making the students krill
For the big snake - I need to leave
But this burning's the best thing I can achieve

(instead of just leaving her mind seems to be telling her "Go crazy broadway

Everybody's playing the game
But nobody's rules are the same
Nobody's on nobody's side

Better learn to go it alone
Recognize you're out on your own
Nobody's on nobody's side

(To Buffy)
You had it so much better
Good watcher, mom and friends
And I had Wesley Whingely-Price
(gesturing to Angel)
No lover's ever faithful
I been with Angel since "Amends"
There's no one who'll never go bad
And take away everything you ever had!
(during this part Angel is frantically shaking his head and making other
signs of denial)

(to Xander)
Never make a promise or plan
Take a little fuck where you can
Nobody's on nobody's side
Never stay too long in your bed
Never lose your heart, use your head
Nobody's on nobody's side

(long destructive bridge - think high notes, skimpy tops and stuff burning)

(to Willow)
Never take a slayer's advice
Never let a friend screw you twice
Nobody's on nobody's side
Everybody's playing the game
But nobody's rules are the same
Nobody's on nobody's side

(to all of them in a "The Hills Are Alive" kind of dance, but more like "The
Evil Hills Are Alive")
Never leave a moment too soon
Never waste a hot afternoon
Nobody's on nobody's side
Never stay a minute too long
Don't forget the best will go wrong
Nobody's on nobody's side

Never be the first to believe
Never be the last to deceive
Nobody's on nobody's side
(escapes grandly while scoobs sing along becoming demoralized)
Never make a promise or plan....
(fades out)

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