Those Are Some Of My Favorite Things

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by Betsy Hanes Perry, Deborah Grabien, Jim L. Baird, Dana D. and Erin Griggs

Girls with crimped ringlets and guys in black leather,
Red sheets and tight pants (but not both together),
Rhetorical flourishes, Angel in chains,
These are the Buffy fan's fav'rite refrains...

Wesley in glasses, Cordelia in halters
Gunn to pop in when their strong resolve falters
Lawyers with attitude, demons with wings
these are the Buffy fan's favorite things...

When the vamp bites,
When the wolf howls,
When Faith's raving mad...
I remember that Joss will leave no untied strings,
And then I don't feel so bad

Despite his bad start, he's acquired some style.
Wesley's okay, but he still isn't Giles.
But swirly black trenchcoats--now those make me sing,
"Angel is one of my favorite things."

Tara and Willow are summoning phantasms.
Xander and Anya are seeking orgasms.
Body parts coming down, falling like rain,
These are the Buffy fan's favorite things!

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