I've Got a Theory
(To the tune of "I've Got a Theory" from Once More with Feeling )

by DXMachina

I've got a theory. The show is about,
What really happened when Buffy was dead and buried.

I've got a theory. The truth will come out,
Buffy loves Spike, and also Xander's getting married.

I've got a theory that we'll see much pain.
Giles will be weary,
We'll be teary,
On the big angst train.

I've got a theory. Riley will come back...

[crickets chirping...]


Author's Quote

"You know what the best thing about having a musical episode is? It's that you can write a filk and be certain that everyone on the board will know the tune. :-)"

Originally posted in Buffy 6: In Joss We Trust (#9725), WX, October 28, 2001.