"Officer Krupke", from West Side Story

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by Betsy Hanes Perry and Dana D.

FAITH: "Oh, dear watcher Wesley, I'm very upset,
I haven't had the guidance any Slayer should get.
I've a weakness for torture,
And kinky-type sex,
Is it a wonder you're so vexed?

[Scooby gang] He is vexed, he is vexed, he is awf'ly vexed, Like a proper Briton, he is vexed."

[Buffy] "The trouble is she's homeless!"
[Joyce] "The trouble is she's mad!'kr
[Xander] "The trouble is she's lost me!"
[Willow] "The trouble is she's bad!"
[Giles] "The trouble is she's troubled!"
[Angel] "The trouble is she's alone!"
[All] "Angel, you've got troubles of your own!"

BUFFY: My boyfriend is a vampire,
My best friend is a witch.
Poor Xander is the Zeppo,
And Anya's just a bitch.
My mom is in denial,
And Giles has been fired!
Wesley, please, the situation's dire!

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