The Lady is a Vamp (Darla’s Song)
(To the tune of "The Lady is a Tramp" from Babes in Arms )

by FayJay

I get too hungry for dinner at eight,
I relish mayhem and slaughter is great,
I suck the marrows of people I hate,
That’s why the lady is a vamp.

I lost Angelus to some slayer tart,
But now I’m back thanks to Wolfram and Hart.
You better watch out, the fun’s gonna start,
Because the lady is a vamp.

I like to taste fresh blood on my tongue,
Forever young.
LA’s OK,
I hate the sewers, they’re cold and they’re damp,
But still the lady is a vamp.

I’ve lived and died, lived and died once again,
And now I’m stuck with a vamp who’s insane.
I wish Angelus would come back again,
That’s why the lady is a vamp.

At last I got “Angel” into the sack,
And knew I would soon have Angelus back.
It didn’t work, though – alas and alack,
But still this lady is a vamp.

   [Repeat Chorus]

Originally posted in Buffyverse Fanfiction (#37), WX, September 25, 2001.