I Cain't Say No, from Oklahoma!

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by Jengod

Buffy explains her little problem to Willow while they
drink beers at the Bronze.

It ain't so much a question of not knowin' what to do.
I knowed whut's right and wrong since I been called.
I heard a lot of stories and I know that they are true
About how girls're put upon by vamps.

I know I mustn't fall into the pit,
But when I'm with a vamp're, I get bit!

I'm jist a girl who cain't say no,
I like a boyfriend who licks
I always say "come on, eat me"
Jist when I orta say nix!

When a vampire tries to bite a girl,
I know she orta give his face a smack.
But as soon as someone sucks on me,
I somehow, sorta, wanta suck him back!

I'm jist a fool when lights are low
I cain't be prissy and quaint
My type is not the kind that's a saint
A good girl it seems that I ain't!
I cain't say no!

Whut you goin' to do when a vampire gits flirty,
and starts to talk purty? whut you goin' to do?
S'posin' 'at he says 'at yer blood is like cherries,
er roses, er berries? Whut you goin' to do?
S'posin' 'at he says 'at ya taste like peaches n'
And he's gotta have cream er die?
Whut you goin' to do when he talks that way,
Pull out his eye?

I'm jist a girl who cain't say no,
Cain't seem to say it at all
I hate to disserpoint a vamp
When he is payin' a call!
Fer a while I ack refined and cool,
A dancin' the dance to the death
Nen I think of thet ol' golden rule,
And do fer him what he would do fer me!
I cain't resist a Romeo
Wearin' silk and fine leather chaps

Soon as I sit on their laps
Somethin' inside of me snaps
I cain't say no!

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