From The Sound Of Music

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by Cathy Georges

She chants nursery rhymes and recalls old times
She likes to name the stars
She put Kendra out of action
and nibbles men in bars
And she likes to use Angelus to get Spike into despair
I even heard her feeding in an alley
She’s pouty but her psychotic state is real
She looks at you and sees another meal
I hate to have to say it but I very firmly feel
Drusilla is bad news for Sunnydale
On an utterly colossal scale
Drusilla is looking rather pale
How do you solve a problem like Drusilla
Who was so terribly injured when in Prague
How do you find protection from Drusilla
she’s just the kind of vamp whom Spike must flog
Many things you know you'd like to tell her
Like “Go bite a different feller”
But how do you make her stay away
When out of the light of day
How do you keep from shaking in your shoes
Oh how do you solve a problem like Drusilla
How do you keep poor Spikie off the booze
When I'm with her I'm confused, out of plasma and abused
And I never know exactly who she’ll bite
Unpredictable as dying
She's all fangy and she’s sighing
She's a darling, she's a demon, she's a fright
She'd out-torture Torquemada
Delights in vampire melodrama
She can make your neck all red and damp
She is scary, she is sad
She's melancholy, she's all bad
She's a looney, she's a babe
She's a vamp

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