Vamped Boys
(to the tune of "White Boys" from Hair)

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by Kathy Astrom

Vamped boys are so pretty
Skin as white as milk
Vamped boys are so pretty
Inspire all that filk.

Vamped boys give me goose bumps
Vamped boys give me chills
When they touch my bare, arched neck
That's the touch that kills

My friends call 'em abominations
But I give 'em invitations
My Watcher told me "Stay Away!"
But I say "Come on out & Play!"

Vamped boys are so groovy
Vamped boys are so tough
Every time they're chained up near me
I just can't get enough.

Vamped boys are so evil
Vamped boys need some heat
Vamped boys drive me crazy
Drive me indiscreet

Vamped boys are so sexy
Legs so long and lean
Love those leather trousers
Love the blood machine

Xander calls 'em 'rubble'
They're my kind of trouble!
My Watcher warns me 'No, No, No!"
But I say "Vamped boys Go, Go, Go!"

Vamped boys are so lovely
Grouped up in those gangs
I love to run my fingers
And toes over their fangs

Give me a tall
a lean, a sexy
a chained-up, a pretty, a juicy
Vamped Boy!

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