"What You Own", from Rent

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by Holli

Audience composed mostly of teenage girls, many of whom have signs proclaiming their eternal love for Angle and Spick.

ANGEL and SPIKE: We don't breathe at all
And we sleep all day
ANGEL: Brooding a lot
SPIKE: Wishin' Sunnyhell were far away
ANGEL: That eternal guilt
SPIKE: This bloody implant's pain
BOTH: Never goes away, so just play the game
We're undead in America
At the start of the millenium
Undead in America
Sad and single on our own
And when you're undead in America
At the start of the millenium
You're not alone.

ANGEL: The Big Bad cannot feed
SPIKE: And the great poof'll bore you to tears
ANGEL: Yet I see Buffy everywhere
SPIKE: Drusilla's voice is in my ear
FEMALE VIEWERS: Just snark and be foamy
Just sigh and scowl, brood and frown
Just stay the same- we won't be let down


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