On The Street Where You Live
(To the tune of "On The Street Where You Live" from My Fair Lady )

by DXMachina

[Darkness falls over Sunnydale. A lone figure in a black duster stands beside a tree in front of the Summers' residence, waiting...]

I have often stalked down this street before,
'Though I never really thought it was a treat before.
All at once it's me, underneath this tree,
Lurking here on the street where you live.

You have offered to stake me through the heart,
But now Cupid's aimed, and shot a bolt into my heart.
So I'll wait til dawn, camped upon your lawn,
Lurking here on the street where you live.

And oh, I feel so delighted,
'Cause I know that you are so near.
And yes, it gets me excited,
That any moment you may suddenly appear.

People stop and stare, they don't bother me.
I just scare them off, and have a smoke beneath this tree.
As the butts pile high, I hope you'll come by,
As I lurk on the street where you live.

Author's Quote

"This was not only my first Buffy filk, but also my first Buffista post. Little did I realize..."

Originally posted in The Slayer, The Witch and Their Wardrobes (Buffy Part 4) (#6135), TT, November 5, 2000.