A Wonderful Guy
(to the tune of "A Wonderful Guy" from South Pacific)

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by Hil R

     "Fool for Love", from Dru's point of view:

I expect every one of my sires to make fun of my choice of a fledgling; he's a sissy-pants.
And they'll say I'm insane as a loon to believe that this now-undead poet will show me romance.
Fearlessly, I'll argue Angelus's doubts away.
Loudly, I'll sing about picnics and fish.
Flatly, I'll stand in unwalkable heels and say: Love is a glistening, effulgent thing!

I'm not ashamed to reveal
The world-famous feeling I feel:

I'm as loony as cups at a picnic
I'm as confused as stars in the sky.
No more a tart little vamp with still heart
I have made me a wonderful guy.

I am in my conventional dither
With my conventional hypnotic eye.
And you will note there's a lump in my throat
From the blood of this wonderful guy.

I'm as crazed and confused as a plate that's been used
A cliche coming true.
I'm prophetic at night when the moon is so bright
It sings me happy tunes!

I'm as crazy as custard in bacon
High as a cat, if I taught it to fly.
If you'll excuse an expression I use
I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love
I'm in love with my new undead guy!

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