The VCR Prayer

by Caroma

[Attention all religious people, established or not, pagan or Wiccan or Bible Belt or Jewish or Bead Jiggler (like me)]

Please pray to the VCR gods tonight for all of us who are Unavoidably Unable To Be Home. May the cable systems all remember. May the tapes be fresh and have plenty of space. May our power not brown out and reset the VCR clocks. May kids and SOs and stray kittens not wander by and reset the apparati. May our UPN affiliates not fold, spindle, or mutilate the show with weird crawls, ads for other inane shows, sports, or teasers for the Ten o'clock News. May we all come home to Buffy, just Buffy, and purest Buffy, from Previously to the previews. Amen.

Originally posted in The 12 Steps of Buffy (#2767), WX, May 7, 2002.