(To the tune of "Alison" by Elvis Costello

by DXMachina

[David Fury serenades his most devoted fan, AllysonGrrl.]

Oh, it's so funny that I'd notice after so long girl,
I've been so damn distracted trying to get the mustard out,
So I've just noticed this one essential fact,
You're so cute when you pout.

I don't want to get melodramatic,
Like a Marti Noxon story line,
But you know that I believe you're a goddess,
I'll buy a condo for your shrine.

You know I'd slay a goat for you,
Oh, Allyson,
I'll worship you.
I'll worship you.


AllysonGrrl: So, like, Fury's birthday okay to post there? I know no one actually cares, but it's tomorrow, so could everyone pretend to care, just, ya know, to make me feel loved?

victor infante: We care. We care. It's Fury, man. Should we get him something? We sent Tim a filk for HIS birthday, but then he proceeded to not visit for months afterwards, so maybe that's not a good idea...

DXMachina: Fast Fury filk - They got the goats' blood out! (They got the goats' blood out...)

AllysonGrrl: I like the kind of Fury filk that revolves around him falling madly in love with me and putting me up in a Beverly Hills condo. Yeah. That's a good filk.

DXMachina: Well, we'll give it a shot...

Originally posted in 9 for Mortal Buffistas Doomed to Natter (#791), WX, March 4, 2002.