Slayer Bloody Slayer

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by Anjali

I can’t believe the news today
Tried to close my eyes and make it go away.
How long, how long can she stay so strong.
How long, how loooooooong.
Chrous: Slayer, Bloody Slayer,
Slayer, Bloody Slayer.
Pointed stakes thrust through vampire hearts.
Piles of dust in all of Sunnydale’s parts.
Another demon on the run.
When we raise our claws she comes to kick us down.
How long, how long can she stay so strong,
How long how loooooooong.
And the battle never ends.
If it’s not the Slayer, then it’s her *&^%! friends.
We’ve sent our best to take them on.
Master, Angelus, Mayor, not one of them has won.

This night, may be my last one
This night… this night
Watch it slip away
Watch it slip away.

Though they say we are renewed
by the evil that the Hellmouth spews.
And though today the mortals cry,
we know tomorrow we will be the ones to die
And it’s just another blow,
in the mortals’ plan to lay us low.

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