The Feelings Between Us
(To the tune of "Famous Blue Raincoat" by Leonard Cohen)

by smonster

[The episode: Angel Season 4, Awakening. Angel is agonizing about whether to go through with Wesley’s suggestion to bring back Angelus. He sequesters himself briefly in his room, pacing restlessly. Finally, he sits at a table, brings out pen and paper, and haltingly pens a letter...]

It’s four in the p.m and LA is all dark
I’m writing you now ‘cause the Beast is on a lark

He’s big and he’s scary, BUT HE’S ONLY A MINION --
I hear screams outside as the vamps are all feeding.

I hear that you’re filling your house with potentials
The First is controlling now, I hope you’re all being careful

Yes, and Wesley thinks I should give up my soul
‘Cause Angelus, he once knew the Beast
They met in a warzone way back...
Would I get my soul back?

Ah, the last time I saw you you looked so much older
The feelings between us had turned so much colder
You’d been dead and buried, ‘till Willow revived you
But you came back feeling broken and lied to...

It might have been heaven, no slaying or strife. --
So when you came back, you faked your old life...

Well, I see you there with a stake in your hand,
One more slayer’s ‘last stand’
Yes, it may be the end,
And we all are at war...

And what can I tell you, my lover, my killer
What can I possibly say?
Yes, I still miss you; yes, I forgive you
I'm glad you stood in my way.
If we all survive this, these apocalypses...
The Hellmouth’s last guardian may finally be free.

And if we win, who knows what will happen to me?
Will I get my reward, end my eternity?

And Wesley, thinks I should give up my soul
To find out what Angelus knows, and defeat this lava-skinned for...

Sincerely, Angelus

Author's Quote

"Hi all. Be gentle to a first-time filker. I was inspired by Betsy Hanes Perry’s use of Leonard Cohen’s "Famous Blue Raincoat", one of my FAVORITE songs (love the Tori version, too)."

Originally posted in Angel 2: No Time for Losers (#5363), PX, March 17, 2003.