Buffy McGee

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by Elena B.

Busted flat in NYC, feedin' on some rats
And I was feelin' near as pallid as my skin.
Whistler showed me my dest'ny, standin' in the sun,
I followed her all the way to Sunnydale.
I gelled up my hair, and in my swirlin' coat of justice,
I was slayin' hard while Buffy made some puns.
Cemetery make out time, I was holdin' Buffy's hand in mine,
And we slayed ev'ry vamp that Giles knew.


Evil's just another word for vampires with no soul.
Soulless, and that's just how Buffy left me.
My feelin' good was oh so bad for the Scooby gang.
But feelin' good was good enough for me -
Good enough for Dru and the demon in me.
From the stacks of the lib'ry to the dance floor of the Bronze,
Yeah Buffy shared the danger with her friends.
Through all kinds of torture, through ev'ry thing I done,
Yeah Buffy baby loved me through the whole thing.
One day up near Alcathla I regained my old soul,
Buffy sent me straight to hell and I deserved it -
But I'd trade all my tomorrows for one single yesterday,
To be holdin' Buffy's body next to mine.

(repeat chorus)

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