(To the tune of "Kookaburra" by Marion Sinclair

by Plastic Funnel, meara, and Matt the Bruins Fan

Capybara makes demon history:
Miracle sprog of the vamps is he.
Weep, Capybara! Weep Capybara,
@#%$ed your life will be!

Capybara's got a soul does he?
Eating all the humans it will be.
Laugh, Capybara! Laugh, Capybara
Fooled they all will be!

Capybara's heart beats: passes he,
Hiding in plain sight at Daddy's knee.
Mislead, Capybara! Feed, Capybara,
Take after Mommy!

Originally posted in Angel 3: The Schmuck Bait Arms (#9818, 9819, 9822), WX, November 15, 2001.