The (Mis)Appropriation of Bob Dylan - Part 1
(To the tune of "Subterranean Homesick Blues" by Bob Dylan)

by Jim L. Baird

Xander's in the basement, Anya wants to do it,
Spike's making mean quips, worrying about his head chip.
Buffy boffin' Riley, Tara's doin' Willow.
Giles got no one, drinkin up the bordeaux.

Look out gang,
Yer gonna get banged,
By a monster with a raised brow, government's gonna disavow
If you wanna raise hell, you better cast spells,
Scoobies mergeing up now, kicking ass and how...

Author's Quote

"Apologize for the loose rhyme scheme - my only excuse is that Dylan's is even looser..."

Originally posted in Angel (#4827), TT, May 22, 2000.