Faith in Prison Blues
(To the tune of "Folsum Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash

by Daniel C. Jensen

The Watcher's council's comin; It's her they want to send,
Back to the watcher's prison, in jolly old England.
Well, she killed a couple humans, and now she'll have to pay.
But after two years in prison, redemption's on the way...

Although she's just an inmate, she likes to have her fun,
Plus fending off big bertha and noticing someone
Who's always in the shadows, she never sees the sky.
Faith has found a vamp nest; inmates are gonna die.

Faith knows those vamps are eating, free meals behind the bars.
They're quickly turning trustees, they've prob'ly gotten far.
She has to tell the Council, before they break her free.
"But they think I'm a rogue Slayer, they'll never trust in me."

If they free me from this prison, I'll have to draw the line,
I have to save the people, it's a destiny of mine,
I know it's just an irony, but here I want to stay,
And the Watchers better help me, because it's time to slay...

Author's Quote

"Apologies to Johnny Cash."

Originally posted in Angel 6: No Unca Tim! Noooooo. . . (#1539), WX, February 10, 2002.