Fixing the Book
(To the tune of "Fixing a Hole" by John Lennon and Paul McCartney )

by Daniel C. Jensen

I'm fixing the Book where River has been
And it starts my mind to wondering
Do they have tape?
I'm taping the rips that run though the Book
And then my mind goes wandering
Where fits Noah?
Where fits Noah?

And it really doesn't matter if its wrong (or right)
Where it belongs it's right
Where it belongs
Crazy River running round, fixing Bibles, babbling 'bout Quantum theory while they're waiting for the whore.

......Doo doo bomp bomp baaaaa....

Author's Quote

"Whatinhell am I doing up this late, voratiously reading everyone's comments on the ep? Why?? Why???

"Oh yeah..."

Originally posted in Firefly: Josssssss Innnnn Spaaaaaaaaaaace! (#2389), PX, October 15, 2002.