The Vampire
(To the tune of the theme song from The Nanny )

by Kat Perez

He was living on a small estate on family lands
Til he had a fight when daddy said he was not a man.
What was he to do? Where was he to go? Our poor little squire!
So into the woods he traveled, to the nearest pub.
Darla saw him and thought: Great, some boytoy love!
Wiggle here, snuggle there, fangs were bared. That's how he became
Dru, Spike, and gypsy killing. Cursed with a soul
Banging Buffy got him killed, but now he's back in control.
Resurrected, resouled and in SoCal (Watch out Lindsey!)
Fred, Gunn, Cordy and Wes are his new pals (Doyle rest in peace)
Big Broody always wears black, but we've got GGG to add some camp.
Excuse the hair and forehead. Here's Angel the vamp.

Originally posted in Angel 3: The Schmuck Bait Arms (#4360), WX, September 27, 2001.