Those Were the Slays
(To the tune of "Those Were the Days" from All in the Family )

by Madrigal Costello

Angel! Now works for TPTB
Angel! Helping schlubs like you and me
Angel! He's a vampire, up for hire
With billowy coat and shiny chains

Boy the way those people screamed
He was eviller than they'd ever dreamed
Vamps like us we played and schemed
Those were the slays

And the slayer was an easy kill then
Never had no family nor fen
Dammit we could use a vampire like the Master around here again

Didn't have to fear no curse
Angel & Co. could only get worse
Spike and Drusilla drove a hearse
Those were the slays

Originally posted in Angel (#4834), TT, May 22, 2000.