Your Famous Black Duster

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by Betsy Hanes Perry

It's well after sunset, the dog days of summer,
The show's in production, my life is a bummer,
I'm still in the basement and dating a demon,
It's all 'cause my costumes are geeky and beaten,
I hear that your spinoff is high in the ratings,
You get to kiss guest stars, I hope you're getting tested

And Giles came by with the heart of a fiend
He said that you gave it to him
The night that you planned to go vamp
Did you ever go vamp?

Ah, the last time I saw you you were stern and impassive
Your famous black duster was swirling and massive
You'd vanquished the menace with angst and great tension
And then there's the hair gel that I'd rather not mention

And Wills came by with the Orb of Thesulah
She said that you'd need it for sure
Some night if you chanced to get laid
Did you ever get laid?

-- Sincerely, X. Harris

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