Where Have All the Cowboys Gone (Paula Cole)

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by Madrigal Costello

to the tune of Paula Cole's "Where Have All the
Cowboys Gone?"
Oh, it should be foamy, this 5th season Buffy
Why don't we have more good episodes?
Angel's gone but Spike's back
Anya's witty, Tara's nifty
But it's of the boring guys that we've got a load
I will suffer Riley, if they cut all his lines

Where is my Watcher?
Where is my Wiccan nerd?
Where is my Snoopy Dancer?
Where have all the scoobies gone?

Why don't we have a big bad
Who's scarier than Glory
And who cares about some dumb little key
Oh, I know this season, is all the about fambly
But what about the slayerette coterie?
I will stand the Dawn girl, if they return the
Wiccan's heat

Where is my Zeppo?
Where is my hacking ghost?
Where is my fave librarian?
Where have all the scoobies gone?

I am watching for some quips tonight
But Joyce won't, but Ben won't even equal Harmony
Let Ben die, let Graham die, let Rye dye

We finally got some Xander when they gave us "The
And a tiny bit of Willow in "Family"
But we've really missed our Giles
And all his British wiles
Most every single smegging week
I can take the tumor, if we get back our gang

Where is my sweet little spaz?
Where is my ol' Ripper?
Where is my Snoopy Dancer?
Where have all the scoobies gone?

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